HTTPS Web Client

GoAnywhere MFT gives a HTTPS Web Client that permits your workers, clients and exchanging accomplices to perform secure specially appointed record moves and joint effort straightforwardly through their program. This is a basic option in contrast to other record move techniques (for example FTP) since end-clients needn’t bother with extra programming or exceptional preparing.

The Web Client furnishes access to move records with Secure Folders, send Secure Mail bundles, submit Secure Forms, and team up with GoDrive reports.

Secure Folders

With Secure Folders, clients can access approved documents and organizers on the system and other record frameworks through the comfort of their program. Documents are moved immediately between the client’s work area and your association over the protected HTTPS convention. Since records in Secure Folders are put away on a standard document framework, they can likewise be gotten to by backend applications and projects.

Secure Mail

Secure Mail enables clients to rapidly send secret messages and documents utilizing the comfort of email and the security of HTTPS. At the point when an email is sent with Secure Mail, the message and connections are naturally scrambled and put away on your server. GoAnywhere MFT then sends an email warning to the beneficiaries with a connection to the encoded message and documents. This connection enables the client to download the message and records over a protected HTTPS association legitimately from your server.

Secure Forms

Secure Forms empower chairmen to make custom structures for end-clients to submit data and alternatively transfer documents to your association. At the point when a client presents a Secure Form, the data and documents they supply are prepared by GoAnywhere’s mechanized work processes that can put the data into a database, interpret the records, send email warnings, and other handling. The work process can likewise return documents to the Secure Form for the client to download.


GoDrive gives endeavor document synchronize and sharing highlights. All your client’s reports, pictures, recordings and touchy documents are put away on your system and are consequently synchronized to every one of your clients associated gadgets, permitting safe, in a hurry access from cell phones, workstations and tablets.

HTTPS Web Client highlights include:

Clients can rapidly move documents between their PC and the server utilizing their favored program

Server organizers can be verified with granular consents (transfer, download, and so on.) for every client

Clients can work together with others by sharing approved documents and organizers

Hearty security permits meeting consistence necessities like PCI DSS, HIPAA and state protection laws

Supports client confirmation sorts of Active Directory (AD), LDAP, IBM I profiles, database and declarations

Self administration; clients can enlist their very own records (with endorsement), reset their very own passwords, and spare their inclinations

Occasion triggers can naturally process records or send email warnings

Permits just solid NIST-guaranteed encryption calculations when in FIPS 140-2 Compliance mode

Produces full review trails of all document moves. Clients can see their own logs

Supports different web interfaces with custom marking (unmistakable logos and disclaimer messages)

Supports prevalent programs including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome

Very versatile without any cutoff points on the quantity of clients

Multilingual with help for English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Chinese dialects

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