It’s college application season for Year 13s at Yew Chung International School of Beijing, and offers are as of now coming in from around the globe. Y13 understudy Chloe Sandifer-Stech has as of late gotten an idea from Guilford College, North Carolina, USA, and has additionally been offered a USD 20,000 every year grant for each of the four years of her degree. Hot on the impact points of this extraordinary offer, we ask Chloe to share a few hints on verifying a spot at the perfect college.

1. Make a waitlist

For me, area was significant. I’ve been in Beijing for just about four years now, however I have loads of loved ones in the Virginia, North Carolina region, which is the place I am from. I need to be near them, so began my hunt around there.

I likewise considered size. I feel most great in littler, affectionate conditions which is the reason I like YCIS Beijing to such an extent. Originating from this school, I believed I would be most joyful in a littler measured school, so that helped me limited my hunt much further.

I was encouraged to spread my applications crosswise over “wellbeing”, “fit” and “achieve” classes. Wellbeing are those where you’re sure you’ll verify a spot. Fit are the colleges that are the in all likelihood level for you, and reach are those which are exceptionally focused which you will require extremely solid outcomes for. Utilizing this last choice apparatus, I settled on seven universities to apply to.

2. Utilize Online Search Tools

I utilized the school pursuit work on to enable me to make my waitlist. You can channel your outcomes as far as area, grounds, sports, charges, assorted variety and so on. They have other valuable assets on there as well, to assist you with your school arranging and research.


3. Visit the Campus

Over this mid year and the late spring previously, I figured out how to visit the majority of the universities that I connected to. I can emphatically prescribe doing this. Visiting enables you to get an inclination for school climate, understudy life, and allows you to pose inquiries of understudies as of now concentrating there. A portion of the schools I visited didn’t feel right, and some of them felt impeccable. You can just truly realize this by visiting.

4. Think about Scholarships

Not all colleges and schools offer grants, however in the United States this is regular as charges are extravagant. Check the grant area of every school site and make a note of the application prerequisites and due dates.

A few schools request that you submit additional papers, and even present your application early in case you’re applying for a grant. At present, I’m dealing with a 800 word article that is expected before Christmas!


5. Begin Early

It’s never too soon to start the application procedure as it requires a ton of investment. This is particularly significant in case you’re applying for American colleges as you should sit the SAT. You can sit this the same number of times as you need, so a few understudies initially sit the SAT in Year 12. They at that point get another opportunity to sit it in Year 13.

However, any place you’re applying, begin inquiring about in Year 12, and utilize the mid year to take a shot at your own announcement and work out precisely what you have to do to apply, and when. When school starts, time flees!

Congrats by and by to Chloe on her splendid offer, and wishing the good luck to those understudies who are right now applying.

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