7 Reasons You Need To Be A Side Chick At Least Once

Almost every girl has been a side chick at some point, although some will deny it. 

While it may get lonely it also has it’s perks, you’ll be a relationship professional by the time you are done. It’ll open your eyes more, and you’ll also realize a lot about yourself in the process.

Here are 7 reasons you need to be a side chick at least once in your life: 

1. You never have to worry about them cheating on you.

Because you are the one they are cheating with.



2. You don’t have to worry about texting all the time.

This is especially where you don’t like texting anyway, or at least not too in love with your side bae.



3. You don’t have to hide anything from each other. 

Nothing tears two people apart like the things they hide from each other, and people in exclusive relationships hide many things from each other — what they’re doing on Tuesday night, who they were flirting with at Ben’s 25th birthday party and who they’re fucking on the side. When you both already know who you’re fucking on the side, it makes it a lot easier.



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