6 Better Things To Ask From Your Sponsor Besides Alcohol, Food And Trips

So you have a sponsor who finances your lifestyle, or at least someone who occasionally takes you out to eat and party.

Congrats. That’s your choice and your life.

However, if you are going to have a sponsor, you might as well benefit from him. I’m not talking about going for trips during the weekend. I mean getting him to buy you or give you things you can invest in.

Considering he already blows that cash on you anyway, he might as well blow it on  things that’ll build you.

Here are 6 better things to ask from your sponsor besides alcohol and trips: 

1. First of all, don’t be afraid to ask.

Be blunt when requesting. Make sure your intentions are clear, just like he made his clear.



2. Ask for furniture. 

That trip abroad, or that money he spends on expensive alcohol could’ve probably bought you a good sofa or fridge.



3. Ask for a laptop. 

A laptop can be used to earn money through online jobs, or for simple entertainment, either way, it’s a worth while investment. You can also decide to sell it, this applies to phones as well.



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