6 Very Risky Things You Should Never Do While Dating

Man with engagement ring proposing his girlfriend in a restaurant

Sometimes, people click. Not exactly love at first sight but the mutual feeling of love is developed to an unimaginable height.

Just like any sane human being, people tend to feel comfortable and think they can do anything with this new-found love. But DON’T!

Humans change. And sometimes it’s not their fault what makes them change. So, while you still trying to make a life together on the road to marriage, here are the things you should never do in a relationship.

1. Record a sex tape.

This is a total and always no irrespective of the assurance the other person gives. Maybe not today, but it will surely come back to bite you in the bum. Especially when there is that catalyst, broken heart.




2. Joint bank account.

Sister, brother, ebeyiooo!!! Managing a joint account as a married couple is hard. Not to talk about a mere boyfriend and girlfriend situation. There will be a sad ending. Please don’t.




3. Living together.

Why give the milk to him when he hasn’t bought the cow? And why would you take care of a cow that’s not entirely yours? It goes both ways.

Don’t provide the other all the services. Be independent until you make it official to be dependent on each other. Legal backing will help resolve any problem that springs up.


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