7 Signs He Wants To Make You His Side Chick

Just because a guy has a girlfriend, doesn’t mean he’s not a cheater.

Men tend to want something that they can’t have. They want to have their cake and eat it too. If you’re thinking that maybe he just wants to be friends these tell tale signs will make it 100% clear of his true intention.

Here are 7 signs he wants to cheat on you: 

1. You can just tell.

Basically your intuition is telling you what may be obvious. Sometimes though women shove it off as overthinking things. Trust your gut.



2. He tells you that he has a girlfriend but actively flirts with you.

He even goes far enough to say that him and his girlfriend ‘are having issues’ or ‘its complicated’.



 3. He hides you.

They try to keep you miles away from their girlfriend or personal life. His girlfriend has no idea who you are. He doesn’t want her to know about you because he doesn’t want there to be any suspicions.



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