20 Words You Can Use In Place Of Sexy And It Will Still Have The Same Effect

These days the common word that comes out of every man’s mouth when they see a beautiful woman or if she’s in a beautiful dress is “sexy!!”

This word has become so common it doesn’t carry the same effect it used to carry anymore. If you want to break away from this monotonous compliment but still make your woman feel sexy, then start using any of these 20 words.

1. Desirable

So instead of saying sexy when you see her in a dress, you like, why don’t you say, “Wow!! You look very desirable in that dress”.


2. Strikingly Beautiful

This is a perfect replacement for sexy. It even makes your woman feel more flattered.



3. Irresistible

If she’s got that beautiful face, don’t be tempted to say, you’re sexy, why don’t you say, you’re irresistible.



4. Enchanting

If you’re mesmerised by her beauty, it will be better to say, you’re enchanting than saying, you’re sexy, don’t you think so?



5. Bewitching

If she takes your breath away, it will be better saying, your beauty is bewitching instead of just saying you’re sexy.


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