How To Get Some If You Are Still Living With Your Parents

If you have parents who are African, or are at least super strict, you’ll probably know how hard it is to break the news that you are in a relationship, or even worse, sexually active.

Them catching you in the act would be a nightmare. However there are ways to get around this and still manage to have yours, even if it may not be as often as you wish.

Here are 6 ways to get some if you are still living with your parents: 

1. Get a boyfriend or girlfriend who has their own place.

This way if you are ever in the need, you can always go there, no stress.



2. If one of you have a car, or can at least borrow from your parents, use it.

Get creative about where to have ‘fun’. It doesn’t always need to be a bed in a room. With a car you park somewhere private, get in the back seat and do your business.



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