MUST SEE: List Of The 6 Foods That Are Killing Your Séx Drive – No. 3 Will Shock You

Foods That Are Killing Your Séx Drive

You aren’t in the mood for sex some nights. Expectedly, you blame stress, fatigue, a lack of sleep, but the secret behind your libido’s loss is perhaps hidden in your plate of food.

Since both testosterone and oestrogen play a critical role in the bodies of men and women, an imbalance can either amp up or diminish your s*x drive. Research shows that certain foods can significantly impact your hormonal levels. So, look before you eat.

Here are six foods you should avoid if you want the libido to simmer:

1. Alcohol

According to researchers, alcohol is a downer and can affect a man’s ability to maintain his erection. Since it affects both s.exes, women, you too need to take it slow. While all alcohol affects the liver’s ability to get rid of excess oestrogen, beer is rich in phytoestrogens. Its plant-derived oestrogen directly affects fertility.

2. Sugar

High levels of sugar in your bloodstream can adversely affect the gene that controls your se.x hormones. Simple sugars, such as glucose and fructose, are metabolised in your liver and the excess fat gets stored as lipids. Excess fat synthesis deactivates your shbg (s.ex hormone binding globulin) gene, causing your levels of shbg protein to drop dramatically, and it is this shbg protein that controls your testosterone and oestrogen levels.

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