How n1pple play can feel amazing during s3x

Nipples aren’t just there to become erect and look super hot under a tight t-shirt, oh no. They’re often overlooked during sex and that should be a criminal offence because they can provide so much joy.

Filled with nerve endings, nipples can be extremely responsive to touch. When we’re aroused, they fill with blood and can tolerate stronger stimulation the closer to orgasm we get. Obviously, as we’re all different and our bodies have totally different thresholds when it comes to sensitivity, it’s always best to start slowly with nipple play and gradually increase the intensity. But, some people can actually orgasm through nipple play. IKR.

Sex and bondage expert at Lovehoney, Jess Wilde, explains how you can make the most of your nips during sex.

1. Know your nipples

Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two nipples are the same. “The areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple) is also a sensitive area,” Jess explains. “The most sensitive area is the upper part between 10 and 2 o’clock. The size of the breast doesn’t determine nipple sensitivity.” So get to know what yours feel like and how sensitive they are.

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2. Blowing, kissing and licking

These three techniques are fabulous ways to begin nipple stimulation because it starts the sensations slowly and gently, says Jess. “You can cool down your breath by blowing through pursed lips. You can make your breath warmer by getting closer to the nipple and breathing gently onto it. Start with a peck on top of the nipple and then open the mouth and start using your tongue, as though you are French kissing. Lick the top of the nipple in a circular motion or switch to a lapping technique – like a cat drinking milk.” Just be sure to pay attention to both nips.

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