10 Types Of Men Single Mothers Should Avoid Dating

Being a mother is not easy but being a single mother is even more work.

This post is for single ladies who are in the dating game and hoping to get married. You believe you are now mature and you are ready to settle with the right man. You hope to get the man that you will share your life with. Just like there are many goods in a shopping mall, in the husband market, there are various kinds of men. Here are some species of men you should avoid:

1. Sugar daddy.

A sugar daddy doesn’t usually care about your child. There is literally no long term plan with this man. He will buy you all the goodies you want in exchange for your love and care. He will probably consume too much of your time with his demands then you may end up neglecting your child. Be independent and don’t rely on a sponsor to cater for your needs.


2. A horrible baby daddy.

Never settle for a dead beat dad simply because he is your child’s father. Let him see his child if he wants or if you have an agreement but if he is not adding any value to your life just know you should never be that desperate and you can do so much better than that.



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