Top 5 Sxually Transmitted Diseases In Nigeria – Number 5 Can Cause Brain Damage And Cause Madness



Top 5 sexually transmitted diseases: Sexually transmitted disease are also known as Venereal Diseases are diseases that are transmitted from one person to the other through sexual activity, this incudes anal , vaginal or MouthAction. The rate of sexually transmitted disease and rapes especially of the underage (child rape) has become a major public health challenge in Nigeria The high rate of prostitution and the glorification of commercial sex activities and schemes in higher institutions of learning has also exacerbated the level of sexually transmitted disease in the country.

Teenagers are not also left out as their tendencies to explore new things and prove to their parents and peers that they have come of age has landed many in hospitals for all the wrong reasons. As sex divert more teenagers from class rooms to maternity wards, unfaithful husbands and promiscuous wives have also brought home diseases from one night stands/ accidental quickies and destroyed their families.

At public health Nigeria, we have provided the list of the top 5 sexually transmitted diseases based on published studies and how to avoid them.’


Gonorrhea is the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease (STD) in Nigeria. In fact, in 1963, WHO found Lagos to have the highest gonorrhea rate in the world? Recent surveys report gonorrhea prevalence to be as high as 28.1%. Some studies show a clear association between gonorrhea and male / female infertility. Penicillinase producing Neisseria gonorrhea prevalence varies from 44.4% in Zaria to 80% in Ibadan.

There are major several complications that arises in the event that a gonorrhea remains untreated, this could be related to the body tissues, reproductive capacity and deformities in new born.

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