LADIES WEAK POINT – 6 Places Girls Want You To Touch In Her Body That Will Blow Her Mind

3. Earlobes

Happy factor for your women will be touching, kissing and even lightly biting ear lobes. This delicate, smooth lobes are very sensitive and most of the girls go through for enjoy the sensation of having man lips on them.

You should avoid jamming your tongue inside her ear, trying to do nibble around the outside her ear.

4. Nape of her neck

When you go to the nape of her neck, stay there few minutes and place few kisses there. In ancient Japan, the women’s back neck was like as very attractive by men, so this is one of the few place not covered by any cloth.

In trendy times, the nape of the neck is usually neglected in favor of a lot of obvious pleasure centers, however never underestimates the facility of mild touches and kisses from her hairline to her shoulders.

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