LADIES WEAK POINT – 6 Places Girls Want You To Touch In Her Body That Will Blow Her Mind

6 Places Girls Want You To Touch – Generally most of the men like to touch the breast, vag1na and butt of the women. But they are neglecting the other sensitive parts that induce women and give a lot of happy moments.

If you touch these parts during the s3x or foreplay she will get in the mood and feel special.

Think no more of a women’s chasm, and search the erogenous spots that will get more excited to your lady. But most of the men doing this mistake is that they are goes directly for the women’s vag1na, breast or other private parts, without thinking about her other nine sensitive parts.

So, if you would like to want your lady get into the s3xual mood, then stimulates her other body part.

Here are some but important parts women wants you to touch, See below..

1. Hair

Men always attracting to their gorgeous looks, so only this reason women are very punctuate about her hairstylist look. Hair wash, color, cut and styling these processes may be quit stress reliever.

Running your fingers smoothly through her hair this is a proper way to send tingles down her spine.

2. CollarBone

Collarbone is very s3xy part on women. So why not display your best for this beauty with touching and kissing? Pay absorption to this anatomy allotment while she’s still absolutely clothed, unbuttoning her shirt aloof abundant to acknowledge the clavicle and no further.

You should come back on this part when the clothes have fully disappears as well to remind her of the anticipation it create when you started there.

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