11 Things Men First Notice When He Starts Dating A Woman

We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to our relationships. Some things we noticed right away, while others took some time to figure out. But our decision to be in a relationship with each other was probably made pretty quickly.

Things Men First Notice When He Starts Dating A Woman

A man notices a lot about a woman when he first starts dating her, and it’s in those early moments that he makes his decision about whether or not to stay. Afer all, that’s what dating is for!

We’ve compiled the top 11 things that he’s likely to take stock of when on a date and some of them might surprise you.
1. A Genuine Smile

The key here is to be genuine. Men want to see a real and friendly smile when their lady sees them. Don’t fake it or try to be quirky or sarcastic with a goofy grin. After all, wouldn’t you want someone who’s genuinely happy to see you, too?


2. Personal Hygiene

Grooming counts for a lot and he’ll definitely be noticing how put together his date is. This doesn’t mean you have to rush out and get a manicure or a facial but make sure your nails are clean, makeup is tidy, and your outfit is fresh and not just thrown together.


3. Messy Hair

It’s true, guys like hair, so be sure that yours is clean, combed, and fresh. Messy hair is not going to be very inviting for him to run his hands through later on!


4. A Sexy Laugh

Don’t try to put on a fake laugh, but if you regularly sound like a donkey or an immature schoolgirl, maybe try to keep things in check. Again, the key here is to be genuine. He’ll know if your high pitched giggle at his bad joke was simply artificial flattery.


5. Good Posture

Try not to slouch when on a date, it can make you look disinterested. Also, always stand and walk tall. Keep those shoulders back and head up. It exudes confidence and men love a confident woman.


6. Your friends

The old saying is true, you’re only as good as the company you keep. When a man meets your gang for the first time, he’s going to notice a lot of things about you. Are your friends smart, friendly, and fun, or is your group more like the Spice Girls: the slutty one, the baby, the scary one…? You get the idea.

7. Heels

It’s safe to say most men don’t have a whole lot of knowledge when it comes to women’s footwear. It’s likely he won’t even be looking at your feet, but if you’ve got a sexy pair of heels on, he’ll definitely take notice.

While heels may not always be appropriate, like at that obligatory mini-golf date, just make sure whatever you’re wearing is feminine. Doc Martins and gym sneakers were not made to attract a man!


8. Your Eyes


The eyes are the windows to the soul and a man who is interested will definitely be staring intently into the eyes of his date. Eye contact is a huge part of flirting, so if he’s looking at you, make sure you give him eye contact back. Just don’t linger too intensely or he’ll think you’re giving the death stare!


9. Boobs

Men are dawn to a woman’s breasts like a moth to a flame. It just seems to be hardwired in, so even if you don’t think he’s looking, I guarantee he’s found a stealthy way to sneak a peek. Just know that whether you’ve got your girls on display or have them covered to provide a bit of mystery, he’ll notice.


10. An Intoxicating Scent

Whether it’s from your perfume or your shampoo, men notice how their date smells. If they like your scent, you’ll leave them wanting more. Plus, a scent is directly linked to memory so if he enjoyed himself on your first date, your scent will remind him of that on your second.


11. Body Type

It’s just a fact of nature that some men prefer Taylor Swift and some prefer Beyoncé. While he will be checking out your body, it’s safe to say that if he’s hitting on you then he likes yours.

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