See What This Breastfeeding Mother Did To Her Children That Made Crazy On The Internet

A mother has been branded as ‘incestuous’ after she posted an intimate video of herself and her two children.

Tasha Maile, mother-of-two, posted videos of herself breastfeeding her two young sons and people have been attacking her decision to share the moment with millions of viewers.

She regularly shares video of herself bre astfeeding

Tasha defended her decision to share the nursing videos, one of which had more than 60 million views, saying she feels ‘sorry’ for those who judge her.

Her videos also sparked some debate about what age is too old for a child to still be nursing. One of Tasha’s child is two-years-old and the other is six.

Tasha defends her video saying she feels sorry for those who judge

One mother viewing the video deemed the footage ‘incestuous’, stating: ‘I find this video very disturbing. She wants viewers to believe this is a natural mother and child bonding while br eastfeeding.

Tasha no longer pays heed to those who attack her

‘However from the start this doesn’t appear to be natural but incestuous. Br eastfeeding is a natural, beautiful extension of the mother and child bonding. However this woman’s exhibitionism certainly takes away from the wonderful bonding between mother and child.

One mother went as far as accusing her of committing incest

Another said, ‘I bre astfed my kids and didn’t need to put it out there for the world to see. And I’m sorry her kids are too old to be still feeding this way and she deserves the criticism she gets.


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