9 Important Questions About Ma$turbation And Their Answers

9 Important Questions About Masturbation And Their Answers

Ma$turbation is the self-stimulation of the $ex organs and other ero-genous body parts for the purpose of pleasure, usually leading to or targeting 0rgasm.
Simply put, it is having solo $ex by touching yourself.
Many people ma$turbate, and it has been described as the only form of $ex with zero risk of $exually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.
It is believed that ma$turbation has no identifiable physical, psychological, or emotional harmful – unless it becomes an addiction.
For many people, it starts as private self-exploration before real sexual activity.
It can also be healthy way to express and explore one’s sexuality and to release sexual tension without necessarily having intercourse, thereby escaping the risks.
  1. Is Ma$turbation safe? Yes, it has been said to be the safest form of $ex because it is not possible to get an S.T.D or get pregnant by touching yourself. Unlike in other $ex, you cannot be cheated or abused since it you and you alone.
  2. Is Ma$turbation evil? Yes0, there are differing opinions about the act, especially based on religion and morality. But health experts have described it as normal and it is a personal choice anyone can make. Its evil status is only so defined by some religious labelings.

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  1. Igbeagu Ekene

    August 10, 2018 at 10:42 pm

    Masturbation Is Good Because Of The Risk It Reduce, Mostly Std, Abuse And Unwanted Pregnancy. It Reduce Waste Pain.

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