Signs That Your Partner Is Thinking About Cheating

Signs That Your Partner Is Thinking About Cheating

Your Partner May Already Be THINKING about cheating – even if they haven’t actually done it. After all, cheating first starts with a thought and then ends in an action. You need to be able to recognize the thought of cheating going on in their head if you want to avoid the actual act of them cheating altogether.

One of these signs alone may not be enough to warrant the fear of cheating, but then again…it’s better safe than sorry. Most of these traits are not present in a normal and healthy relationship.

Whether they point to cheating or just to longing for a better relationship, they need to be fixed.

7 Signs Your Partner May Cheat

They Have Alot Common Interests With Someone of The Opposite Sex

They share a common interest with someone of the opposite sex that they hang around with a lot. The chances of them developing a bond with this person is great, and the chances of that bond bringing about feelings of attraction is greater.

They Compare You To Someone Else

If your partner is comparing you to the latest movie star, their ex, or even the server at a restaurant then you have a problem. Comparing you with someone else means that they are weighing your good and bad qualities against someone else. The only reasons they would do this is to justify how they feel about you, or to show you that you are not living up to what they are expecting.

If they are already thinking like this then they may be longing for someone different then you. Someone who has a better sense of humor or someone who has a different body type – the point is it may be something that have already noticed in someone else and are trying to get out of you.

They Talk About How Someone Else Understand Them or ‘Gets’ Them Better

Everyone likes to be understood and it may not be that this person understands them better. It just may be that they are listening to them better than you and therefore making them feel as though they understand them better.

At this point you need to realize that your listening skills may not be as good as you think, and your partner is obviously craving someone to understand and listen to them. Be that person.

They Enjoy Being Away From You

I’ve seen this trait in a past friend of mine. She enjoyed being away from her husband so that she could act the way she wanted to act and do what she wanted to do. In fact, she couldn’t wait to get away from him! And yes – she did cheat on him a few times.

If your partner is giddy at the fact they are going to be away from you then they are enjoying their time alone more than with you. Probably for the very reason that I talked about above. They can act the way they want to act and are free to do whatever they want without your prying eyes on them.

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