Video: Four Girls rape one boy and he is enjoying it

I totally lost it… in a professional manner, of course.

In case you or anyone you know is still in doubt, I happen to know that sexism and misogyny, both in general and at work, are alive and well.

I know this because I am a woman, and I exist in the world — a world full of sexist and misogynistic behavior.

Even when I attended an all-girls school where the other students and I were empowered to pursue our dreams and told that nothing could hold us back, I knew that I would always be treated a little bit differently by the males of our species, simply because of what I experienced of men regularly walking down a street in my school uniform.

As an awkward teenager, men’s inappropriate behavior and comments around women made me blush with shame. Later, it made me angry. Now, it mostly makes me tired.

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