18 Signs You’re A Rich Man In The Making But You Probably Don’t Know It Yet

Being rich or poor is a state of mind. You could think you’re rich when in actual fact, you’re poor.

You could also think you’re poor when in fact, you’re rich and this is because you’ve not counted your blessings. So how do we tell if someone is rich? Simple, their money works for them.

This means a taxi driver who owns his own car or a carpenter who has his own shop might think he’s a poor man while a banker who takes loans from his employers to rent and buy cars think he’s rich when in fact, it is the other way round.

If you’re doing any of these 18 things, then know that you’re rich and not poor as you really think.


1. You have enough to live on should you lose your current job.

You could be a maintenance supervisor in a company and a handy man but if you should lose your job right now and all you depended on was your salary, then you’re doomed. But let’s say, you had a shop where you sell electricals or other gadgets, if you should lose your job right now, you’re going to depend on that business and you wouldn’t have any trouble, financially.  You might not own a mansion but you’re rich.


2. You’re eager to hear more about every investmentout there.

If you have passion for learning more about investment and how to save money, you’re a rich man and you probably already have some investments but will want to know more about new ones. That’s a clear sign you’re a rich man although your current status might not say so.

For instance, you’re already investing in a business then you hear about bitcoins and you spend all your energy learning more about it by going to conferences and seminars just to understand how it works so you can indulge in it, that’s a clear sign of a rich man in the making.



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  1. Janeth ayomie

    June 5, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    My plan z to go higher nd higher

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