Ugandan Lady Proposes To Her Handsome Oyinbo Lover And He Said Yes!!!

A Ugandan lady who seemed to be tired of waiting for her much older white lover to propose to her has done the needful!

She knelt down and proposed to him at a lounge and he said yes! More photos below….

see some reactions below;

Dolcetti Annabel Gossip mill don start again oooo this man hand some you say!! Nd the girl dey ask him hand in marriage???? Gossip mill

Donald D Vibe I like her courage and boldness, that’s cool, wish them a good future together. Chioma r u seeing this?

Chris Jack Jereigns While some Nigerian girls will be behaving like replying guys innocent HI will get them pregnant. But every shiloh will keep on shouting ” I receive! I receive it”!! Do you wanna marry an angel? If muhammad can’t go to the mountain,the mountain may go to Muhammad. Change that mentality girls

Flourish Joseph Onyebuchi I wan propose to my future hubby, where I u locate me now I’m ready to give u diamond ring. But the other way tound😂 Happy New year to you all ❤ more money 💶💸💷💵 thins year Amen

Maris Ella Maris Could this be love? Am not sure it is love.. Even our guys that are proposing to older white women,, we know their mission 😂😂😂😱😱😱😱…..

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