20 Persons On Their Way Back From Church’s Cross Over Night, Killed By Unknown Gunmen In Rivers State

Tragedy struck early this morning in Omoku area of Rivers State, as more than twenty persons on their way back from cross over night at church killed by unknown gunmen.

cross over night

There were survivors from the incident, though the motive behind the shooting is still not known as some Facebook users have taken to the platform to condemn the shooting.

See some reactions below;

Abbey Emmanuella Priye Cursed children! May God’s anger visit them and their sponsors!! Politicians send their kids abroad and send u guys to kill and maim for them for their selfish reasons! May the wrath of the Holy spirit visit all of you! Even their kids abroad will not be spared! May the generation be wiped out! May your children be come fatherless and your wives become windows!!😭😭😭😭 Psalm 109 & 35 is the portion of those involved directly or in directly in Jesus Name. Amen Richie Richie Me and you have enter this 2018 we will both see the end of this year nd enter next year 2019 in Jesus name, no evil shall befall us, can i hear you say Amen. Rip

Minainyo Roberts How important is cross over night? Is there any difference praying with ur family at home? For the past 4yrs I always pray at home on 31 dec . I know it can happen to anybody but owing to the kind of society we have today , it is advisable to play safe…..

Maris Ella Maris Death is inevitable but our prayer is we shouldnt die before our time, I feel sad for these people, me being alive today isn’t bcoz am better than them, it’s just by his grace, so many people lost their lives at the early hours of today but am grateful for making me a partaker of this new year full with blessings, has have witness this year, I will witness many more years in good health and sound mind so shall it be for everyone reading this post.. My people this life is vanity… Rip to the dead… We won’t encounter such in our family in Jesus name…. Happy new month and happy new year

Eunice Okwari The devil is never tired.. They have cross over to 2018 but he was still not satisfied.. As we’re on board this flight of 2018 we shall see the end of this year you. Yes especially you reading this post supernatural God will always exempt us from evil…
Meanwhile may the soul of the departed rest in peace

Isah Musa Thank God they were just coming back from the church heaven straight!!! Unlike my friend that died on his girl friend’s body… not even with a word of God but with sex murmuring!! God punish devil!!! No need for RIP cos u guys are already resting in peace already

Decembah Comedian CROSS OVER NIGHT. Imagine a Brother in my church, During sarmon, he brings out a stick of cigarette, he light it and started smoking in the CHURCH ooo. i was so shocked that the Bottle of 3 3 Beer i was holding fell on the Ground and Broke.:-(

Adeola Jacobson Is this for real? God!!! What’s happening in our country? Nigeria has never been so bad like this now. Where have we gone wrong as a nation and as individuals?…. Dear Father in heaven come and heal our land and bring back to us the spirit of oneness and unity, Lord. And if it is our sins that are causing all these unrest, Father Lord, come and forgive us all and destroy everyone that is influencing the whole tribulations witnessing in this country.

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