This Hilarious piece on “Slay Queens” will make your day.

Slay Queen has been making calls since she joined this Bus.

Slay Queen is talking loud; so loud everyone can hear her phone conversation.
Slay Queen is using an iPhone 7. I didn’t know it was an iPhone 7. Aunty kept telling her caller that her iPhone 7 battery is low and she wasn’t with her Samsung galaxy 8.
Slay Queen said she missed her flight to the U.S but she’s not bothered because she didn’t want to go there in the first place, that her Father forced her to go on a vacation she didn’t want.

Slay Queen said she was on her way to her ‘5 star’ hotel to cool off from pressure from office and her Rich we even have any 5 star hotel in Nigeria?

Slay Queen said she just made a payment of 500k for shoes and bags she bought from an online store in Dubai.
Slay Queen said it’s either a Diamond Jewelry or nothing.

Slay Queen ends the call.

If she was that rich why didn’t she simply Uber her Movement? Anyways maybe she was so humble and wanted to have a feel of life on the other side.

I’m here thinking of my life. Life has been Unfair. The only thing I can boast of is a tecno phone and a monthly subscription. Calling me broke will mean that there’s light at the end of the tunnel because my situation is far worse and someone paid 500k for just shoes and bags.

No Problem.

Victor 0 Village People 1

‘Madam that Rice small for #100 oh, add small rice for me na. Okay put beans #50, plantain 50, spaghetti 50 and 2 meat. Madam double the nylon for me abeg. Thank You’

That Voice sounded familiar.

I left my space on the queue and took a quick peep on the last person that bought food in Mama ‘Do Me Well’ shop.
It was our own Slay Queen.

This time the sun had separated the brown powder from the Red powder on her face like it was some fractional distillation.

Don’t they have food in the hotel or is t they have food in the hotel or is the Chief Chef in the Hotel on maternity Leave? Abi the 5 Star Hotel don catch fire?

Again I said to myself, Maybe she was so Humble and wanted to have a feel of life on the other side.

May God bless that Slay Queen. So down to Earth.

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