“Obsession with my girlfriend is tearing me apart. Help!”

Guys I need your help!!! Please try to read all,

There is this girl I’ve been dating for few months now. Her beauty is one of a kind, she is down to earth. But she lemme know she has a boyfriend, I said no problem. We started getting along, we do things together, walked together, party together. In fact she never wanted me to do anything alone.

She started loosing interest in her boyfriend. She hardly pick his calls, they argued on phone everytime. Things started falling in place for me until her brothers infact everybody told her to dump me. They said the guy love her blah blah.

The pressure was on her then one night she told me we should break up. She cried out her eyes, I told her I’ll be fine so she would stop crying. The next day I started crying, I couldn’t handle the break up. I cried like a baby. I was depressed,If not for God and my friends I almost commit suicide.

She said we should get back together that she can’t live without me. We got back together again that’s when the problem started.

The relationship is now very strong now, I started feeling jealous and insecure. We spent more time together than before. We are still in our early 20’s. I’m getting obsessed over her. I used to dream about her every night. I always check her FB page every minutes to see her new post.

I used to call her and text her all day. I’m not myself anymore. Her image is always on my head every seconds. I’m not serious with anything again expect her. I’m always afraid I can’t find someone as beautiful and perfect like her. I’m scared she will leave me one day.

I always used my last money to get something for her just to make her happy. I’m even thinking about her right now. Now she has know my weakness and she is now playing with it. I’m not always like this, I want to go back to my normal self.

This is more than love, Somebody should help me on how to escape from this obsession!!!

Please I need help!!! please

pls ignore my bad English. Thank you

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