A reply to Mark Anthony’s open letter to Daddy Freeze

Yesterday Mark wrote an open letter to Daddy freeze urging him to get a life… [Read The letter here, if you missed it]

Now here’s a reply to Mark’s letter by another writer, Meziem Dice Desire. Read The Piece Below;

Meziem Dice Desire

Dear Mark Anthony Osuchukwu Obumneme, don’t you think it’s wise to actually do what’s right and ethical?

First of all, as a friend, I’d advise you. Stop. Arguing. Unintelligently. Face the argument, not the personality.
Can’t you just debate without engaging in Ad hominem attacks?

I remember when I read your letter to Joy Isi Bewaji. It didn’t make one single sense to me. But for the sake of friendship, all I told you was somewhat like “This letter is filled with Ad hominem attacks, and it isn’t really what it’s supposed to be.”

You failed to present one tangible and sensible defence for the Hallelujah challenge, and at the same time, not pointing out one flaw in Joy’s argument.

I was even vexed by the letter, but for the sake of friendship, I decided to stay reserved. I was of the opinion that the challenge made no single sense. Waking up at 12 am, streaming away costly data in this poverty stricken Nigeria, asking for no particular understandable thing from an entity that seems to be sleeping at our Nigerian situation, seemed preposterous to me. We’ve been praying for Nigeria, even before it became a “Nigeria”. Even before 1960, we’ve been praying for our dear nation. What have we gotten? More decay. Is it not even safe to assume that prayer delays or even prevents progress?

I digress.

Daddy Freeze is a man you should never mess with. The size of his balls will comfortable demolish your father’s house in the village. A man, in spite of the negative publicity and backlash he’d receive, that went on to challenge the religious status quo.

Even with the fear of losing his job. The president, #FreeTheSheeple movement.
As regards challenging conventions, this is an extent you have not gone, and I think you will not go.
Bro, choose your battles wisely.

Daddy Freeze, the man that makes pastors tremble because he’s causing them a decline financially. The man that teaches all ye Christians the Bible Gospel, from the Bible, with backings and quotations. He knows his onion, and slices it impressively.

I would have ignored your open letter to Daddy Freeze, just like that of Joy, but unlike the other people you’ve written to, Daddy Freeze is fighting a cause so dear to me.

Religion is the biggest hindrance we have to progress as far as humanity is concerned. And please, don’t confuse spirituality with religiosity. I can overlook any assault to every other cause , but that against religion? “God” forbid.

Let’s get down to your substance-lacking open letter to King Freeze.

(Dear Daddy freeze,get a life. After you’ve done that, get another one!)

For the records, no one made you a judge to determine those with “lives” and those that need to get one. You should actually think about yourself, leave Freeze, we love him like that.

(I went to the post and disagreed with his disagreement with Timi Dakolo and all the bald-headed block head could do was to block me from his instagram. You’re a breathing and walking fridge. All you do is block people who disagree with you!)

You said he blocked you from his Instagram?
And so what? Is it not his page? His page, his rules. I won’t be surprised if all you said under the post were attacks to his personality. In fact, that is the best bet. And it’s very right to block you. And you talking of blocking, how many people have you blocked on facebook, and for what reasons did you block them? Remember the guy I told you that blocked me cos I disagreed with him on his post one certain time? Good. Remember how you rebuked me and told me not to disagree with people on their posts? Cool, how does it feel to taste your own medicine?

(When will you block your self from being silly?? Just when?? Listen Freeze!! You’re a culprit of stark stupidity and ignorance. Your self esteem is a definition of groveling.)

For a supposed intelligent, exposed writer, I’m very disappointed. I’m sorry to say it. But it’s not really alright that you went this low. Like, bro, What’s up nah? What happened to decorum and ethics? Oh yeah, you could break the rules, cos they were all made by men, and you’re a man. Innit? This is really disappointing. I voted for you to go on that UN Sponsored #Faces2Hearts stuff. I didn’t vote you to go write with Ad hominem, nope. If that’s your plan, you’re about to disappoint us, the voters, please don’t do it.

Mark Anthony Osuchukwu

(Because you failed in your marriage doesn’t mean everybody will fail. You are an overbearing thing!! You are a chicken!!.)

Ad hominem! I just can’t, and no one will make me to “can”. Face the debate, not the personality. That shouldn’t be too hard.

(After ten years of marriage, you chickened out from that institution! Marriage drop out! Later, you insulted the mother of your kids.)

As laughable as it is, you are among those that share the opinion that marriage is a do or die affair. It’s really a pity. Dear ladies and gentlemen, if it’s not making you happy, better or relaxed, you have all the right to leave. And Mark, think about that utterance again, does it make any sense? Insulting the mother of his kids is a personal matter, can we focus on the matter at hand?

After minutes of serious searching, I still couldn’t find a single sense made or a point opposing his argument. You were just going back and forth with his personality, marriage and calling names.

Dear Mark, this is not the way. It is really not. Some of your friends might not tell you, but it doesn’t make one common sense.

Just the other time, you had to hire a guard when you went to Lagos. Why? You were being cautious of any move by Joy. What could warrant Joy acting? You basically attacked her personality in very unprofessional and unethical ways. Unintelligent ways. She threatened to sue you, and you’re being on your guard. It’s good to be bold, but it’s better to be wisely bold.

Again, choose your battles wisely.

I remember reading about some lawyers that volunteered to help you in court. My friend Mark, run away from these people. If after their years of studying law and they still don’t see the wrong in your manner of writing, they should be avoided.

These people licking your ass, hailing you, praising your Ad-hominem filled write-ups, making you want to unzip your fly and stroke your dick, how do you think they sleep at night? I really can’t stop wondering why people readily choose to make away with their common sense in matters connected to religion.

Lastly, stay right and stay safe, Mark.

We’re still friends. I hope we get to hammer this out better physically when next we see.

– By Meziem Dice Desire.