Nigerian Lady calls out friend who stole her phone in the middle of the night, shares her pics

A Nigerian Lady, Hope Etim who lives in Uyo has called out her friend, whom she accomodated for the night, but in returned stabbed her in the back, she stole her phone.

Hope Etim

Hope at first called out the certain lady, and gave her 2 hours to return her phone, else she’d expose the lady. She wrote on her Facebook: “A girl I helped out to stay over at my place last night,made away with my phone. I want to post her picture so you people can tag her to return my phone.That phone is my all. I give her two hours from now or else I’ll post her picture and important Infos.”

The 2-hour deadline elapsed and she shared photos of the said friend who absconded with her phone. She wrote on Facebook;

“#Thief_o Her name on Facebook is Sucre Tushbae she has blocked me on Facebook. She came to my house last night with claims that she can’t go back to her place cause of what she has to do in Uyo, so she needed a place to stay over the night.

I allowed her as a friend that I know. I left my phone at the side of my bed just to wake up in the middle of the night with no sight of her nor my phone. She packed all her bags she came with and made way with my phone. Please if you know her tag her to return my brand new phone.

I can’t roll with a thief!!!
I can’t be merciful to a thief!!!

Her real name is Annabel Iyah, College of education student from Obon Itam. I’m still checking for other things she might have made away with. Please tag her if you know her.

Then, took a stroll to Sucre’s Facebook wall, and we saw an update where she told her friends, that she lost her phone…

Could this be why…..?????? *Lips sealed**