A reply to Mark Anthony’s Open Letter to Davido

Few days ago we published an Open Letter to Davido, by Mark Anthony Osuchukwu, If you missed that you can read it below;

Dear Davido, God’s mercy will fall on you on one condition.

It is no more news that a certain David Adeleke loss three of his friends in quick successions–In a space of days.

This raised eyebrows and questions which is very normal. The same way eyebrows are raised when suspicion is present.

DJ Olu of blessed memory was buried today. Davido’s former DJ. May his soul rest in peace.

Olu’s death isn’t as disturbing as that of Tagbo who Nigerians gave the posthumous luxury of “trending” on twitter for three days straight.

Conspiracy theories are flying around like a drunk hawk. People having opinions all of a sudden. People growing clairvoyant as the clock ticks.

I have sat down and thought of Tagbo’s death. It actually reminds me of my father’s death. Till date, nobody knows the exact thing that killed my father.

Different stories for different emotions.

No legit reason!

My mother demanded an autopsy. I didn’t see the need for that. Spending money on things like that wasn’t what I thought of at the time.

An autopsy report won’t resurrect him.

She understood my reason and we moved on.

Everyday, it haunts us. The ignorance of his death. There wasn’t a direct suspect like that of Davido and Tagbo.

The whole world would suspect young Adeleke. If Davido wasn’t the person in this shoe, he would have suspected himself too.
This is not a case of David having enemies of progress. Far from it!

Suspicion isn’t authentic.

It is just something that we hold unto when there isn’t anything to hold on to anymore.

In history, suspicions have panned out to be true. Some others panned out to be heavy lies.

Tagbo’s family and friends are NOT wrong for accusing Davido of whatever they want to accuse him of. The have the right to. David has the right to debunk it with proofs.
Just imagine:
Davido was with him. Some reports said that young men full of life were busy competing for 200k and an iPhone if only 40 shots of tequila will be consumed.

I am sorry but they are all mad. Raving mad for allowing someone who they considered a friend to attempt such nonsense.

The bar or club should be shut down completely and the bar man should be flung behind bars for aiding the death of his fellow young man. The owner of the bar should provide CCTV footage of that evening.
Davido thought that the best thing he could do was to carry the dead body of his friend the hospital and run away.

Forgetting that he’s a star and stars don’t hide at night.

He fled forgetting that things like CCTV cameras existed.

This shows that money isn’t everything. 30 billion can’t buy sense.

He was your friend. Good!

He died out of drinking. Good!
Whatever happened to going to the morgue and keeping him there with your name since he’s your friend and “homie”
How about reporting yourself to the family and the police station?

They know he’s your friend.

Dumping him there and running Was the height of crass stupidity.

His phone is still missing until this day!

Young Adeleke gave the room for suspicion.

This case would have been handled well without social media hearing ‘pim’ if he had reasonable people around him. But sadly he had drunks!

I saw his status on instagram last night.

Honestly, I feel for the kid. This isn’t gonna be easy for him.

Guilty or innocent.

Cases like this can make one lose it completely.

I hope and wish he is innocent.

God’s mercy will only fall on him if he’s clean.

To Tagbo’s loved ones, peace be upon you all.

To Davido, be strong!

Now, Here’s a REPLY to the Open Letter as published by, Emtolalaa Praise.

It’s not bad to have opinions and it’s not bad to sound judgemental and I think some facts need to be spelt out in black and white.

Now let’s be realistic. For me, this case is simple.

Here’s why;

Every weekend in Nigeria, people get drunk. I wouldn’t be wrong to say “everyday “. I’ve watched one myself though I hate the sight of it. So to accuse the management of that bar or the bartender is outrightly wrong and insane. It’s simply business.

There’s a warning on every cigarette packet but then, does it stop people from smoking more than one packet? Hell No! Now Tagbo is an adult and his friends as well.

The drinking competition that for him killed happens every now and then and yes, there’s always a price. It’s just same with other kind of competition or task you’re being put up to just to win something rewarding.

I understand that these acts can be insane most or all of the time, and yes you’d be very correct to see it that way.

However, that was Tagbo’s decision. That Dude was just too slim for God’s sake and his liver couldn’t handle the excess alcohol in his system and of course, I could guess that he had an acute fulminant liver failure, just like what happened right before my eyes when someone gulped the whole liquor in a Hennessy bottle. I cried that night knowing in my heart he wouldn’t make it, though I tried to lend them my 2 kobo sense but then they were all too high to listen to what a Jew like me had to say.

If ever someone have died because of you. You would have understood what FEAR means. So take a chill pill Mr Mark. Don’t make it sound like he did something absolutely wrong. No he didn’t. It was a product of the aftermath of their peaceful and innocent drinking competition that caused the immediate FEAR that put him in that uneasy spot. If it were you , I’m sure your brain would have gone on strike for days before dealing with the reality that someone died because of something you chaired or started.

I am speaking as a neutral person on this matter, giving my thoughts to the issue from every possible angle. I don’t blame Tagbo as well, some of us would have tried that stunt with our lives at stake just for the benefits.

It’s life and it happened and I just hope that this will be a big lesson to all of us especially those that drink like that is their destiny and those that can smoke on behalf of Africa.

Please be wise and let your life and your health be your priority over anything.Just consider it and if it will cost you your good health or at the extreme of it, your life, please my friend stay far from it.

I am Emtolalaa Praise.
Thank you.