“Dear Peter and Paul, are you children not tired of being foolish in the public?”

It is a shame to witness two adults who are siblings and twins carry their dirty clothes from their various houses, close their eyes to dry cleaners along the roadside, spite everybody who offered help only to end up at Teslim balogun stadium to wash it in the presence of people who said that all they had was dirty clothes.

This is the picture you two have created. Playing children’s play everytime!

Even as a child, there were things that happened between I and my brothers that my parents never knew. Not that we didn’t have the energy and vibe to be petty. No, we had that and more.

But, we didn’t tell them or show it because they were looking tired of our misbehaviors.

Two of you should look Nigerians in the face. Do you think we still have strength for your shenanigans?

You think we wake up thinking about adults who behave like kids starved of cowbell milk?

Do you think we don’t have any other problems?
Listen, before you ask what my business is in your matter, let me tell you that when dirty linens are washed in public, the entire populace who witnessed the washing automatically receives the right to tell you how to spread them. They also remind you to peg it so they won’t fall off when the breeze of another misbehavior blows.

The two of you are stars.

Before you became stars, you were brothers.

Before you became brothers, your parents sat in a dim-lit room, locked the door and decided to have you people.
For no reason should the both of you come on social media to trade insults with unintelligent sarcasm.
I find it laughable.

The first time, people rumored that it was caused by the wives you guys married.
Anything can cause quarreling. Anything.
The cause of the problem is nobodys business.
Bringing out afamily issue that isn’t something that will boost your resume is downright silly. It shows no ounce of maturity.

Y’all are just kids hiding inside a six-pack body and all.
Stop this madness already.
The internet doesn’t forget.

If you want to fight, fix a match. Print tickets.
Nigerians will buy.

I won’t buy but the people who paid five thousand to subscribe for Bobrisky’s snap chat can pay for their friends and family.
I am sure.

Just stop this nonsense where even your wives come online to support such madness.
Every family has a problem.
We will doubt it because they do other things with their data and not wars.

This single madness can bring down almost everything you have achieved in your lifetime as A Star.
Humans forget very quickly.

It didn’t take the people who praised Jesus Christ one hour to decide that they wanted Barnabas in the stead of Jesus.

Study history.
I am sure two of you can get over what ever it is.
Leave your egos at home. Meet at a coffee shop and talk.
Watch how this will end.

Until then, chose to remain kids who cry for breast on social media or human beings who iron things out with maturity and the help of your wives silence.

Written by Mark Anthony Osuchukwu

Mark Anthony is a writer who thinks about writing when he isnt. He doesn’t respect himself one bit. You can reach him on twitter as @markosuchukwu or his mail [email protected]